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This simple site tries to help convey the optimism about the future but not without emphasizing the mounting challenges we are going to face as a result of rather obvious and inevitable changes that are happening.

It features little original content, its potential value is in presenting a few important and coherent resources. One of the original works though is the main illustration which may help draw initial interest from a random visitor.

We present two logos — one optimistic, depicting a graph of challenge and hopeful success. Second one is more ominous consisting of an adapted Earth symbol which also symbolizes new bottom-up governance and thinking models in development OR a hourglass.

This is a time for great hope but also for great responsibility. We have to get more educated and realistic if we want to keep the system stable and prevent a sudden decline into chaos with unknown consequences.

This indeed is a special time in history.

As humans we are not used to thinking in exponential terms. We are living on a planet with finite and rapidly depleting resources with exponentially growing population and more and more powerful technology and automation building on itself. Our biology with its thinking apparatus hasn't changed much in thousands of years. Additionaly we are globally and instantly connected for the first time ever.

Technology, science and knowledge can, as always, be used for good or for very bad — a lot of times unintentionally because we haven't really taken the time to study complicated interactions with environment or we even can't because the system becomes complex.

Regarding our habits and thinking — in general they have not kept up with giant emerging changes in the environment. We better realize this, stop for a moment and recalibrate in a completely new way nobody understands yet. Then maybe we can succeed.

— David

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